Updated Section 9 & Membership Application Process

Effective July 1, 2023, CPA Bermuda has updated its Section 9 Immigration referral & Membership Application Process.

Note important updates to the process:

  • An administration fee of $50 will be required to process Section 9 Immigration Referrals.
  • Applicants who require CPA Bermuda to verify student status for Section 9 immigration referrals must complete a student membership application and pay a fee of $100 upon submission.
  • For Section 9 Referrals, where the job advertisements have been waived, applicants must attach the job description of the role and any supporting documentation from the work permit application (such as documentation requested in "Section 5 Advertising" of a work permit application).
  • All letters of good standing from home institutes must be in English, or a certified English translated copy must be provided with the application to CPA Bermuda.
  • A letter of good standing is required from any designation that is not listed below: 

New Membership Application Process: 

Short-term and periodic work permit holders will be required to become a member of CPA Bermuda by completing and submitting a Membership Application Form. All membership fees can be found here

Rush Application Processing:

Applicants seeking an expedited processing of up to 5 business days could apply for rush processing at a fee of $100. Note that the availability of this option will be driven by the volume of applications that CPA Bermuda have to process at any given time. 

Payment Information: 

All accounts (both individuals and Companies) greater than one month from the invoice date will not be processed. This policy is being strictly enforced. Please ensure your accounts are settled with the accounts department before applying.

Submitted Section 9 referral applications and membership applications paid by the applicant must be accompanied by a proof of payment, or they will not be processed.  Payments can be made via credit card or bank transfer.  

For companies paying on behalf of membership applicants, applications will only be processed upon proof of payment. Please ensure you obtain the invoice number from the applicant applying for membership. 

New forms can be found here: 

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].