Tagging Your Accounting Designation 

As a reminder, if you are not a member of CPA Bermuda, you are prohibited from using your accounting designation or holding yourself out as a professional/public accountant in Bermuda. If your membership is suspended, revoked or if you resign from membership, you are not permitted to use your accounting designation, its related initials or represent that you are a qualified accountant.  

Proper use of the CPA designation is a matter of public protection. If an individual uses an accounting designation in Bermuda, the public expects them to be regulated in Bermuda. In fact, proper use is so important that our legislation provides for the designation’s protection. Accordingly, the following reminder is intended to help all members and firms stay compliant with the rules and laws related to the accounting profession in Bermuda. 

Legacy Designation Tagging – Requirement ends April 1, 2024  

On 1 April 2024, the mandate that all members must tag their legacy designation expires. All members who hold a legacy designation must continue to use their CPA designation but tagging your legacy designation (i.e., CMA, CGA, CA as well as FCMA, FCGA, and FCA) is now optional for all members. 

Note: If you do not hold a legacy designation, there is no change in how you tag yourself.  

Frequently Asked Questions on Tagging

How do I tag myself if I am a Bermuda Only Member?

Bermuda Only members are not allowed to use the CPA designation as a standalone. This designation is restricted to full members of CPA Bermuda. You must use your home designation and include the country in your tagging. Below are a few examples:

  • Member Name, CPA (Philippines)
  • Member Name, CPA (Kenya)
  • Member Name, ICA India
  • Member Name, ACCA

If you are unsure, please contact [email protected].

Can I tag my home institute if I am admitted as a CPA through an MRA/MOU?

If you are admitted as a CPA through an MRA/MOU that CPA Bermuda has with another jurisdiction, you must use “CPA” but you can tag your home institute as well. For example:

  • ICAEW – Member Name, CPA, ACA (UK)
  • South Africa – Member Name, CPA, CA (SA)
  • US – New York – Member Name, CPA, CPA (New York)

For a listing of the MRA/MOU agreements please visit here.

What do I do if I hold another degree or designation?

If you hold another degree or designation, you can display this after your accounting designation. For example:

  • Member Name, CPA, CPCU
  • Member Name, CPA, MBA
  • Member Name, CPA (Philippines), ARe

To what areas does tagging apply?

Tagging rules apply to all representations of your professional qualifications. For example, your LinkedIn Profile, a business or charity website, your resume, cover letter or personal stationary. When utilizing designation tagging you must do so correctly. Further, if you are not a member of CPA Bermuda, you are not allowed to display or refer to your professional qualification on any document/website. For instance, a website might say “John has been a chartered accountant for 10 years”. This is not accurate, if John is a member it must state, “John has been a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) for 10 years”. If John is not a member, then there should be no reference to “chartered accountant” on the website.

I am unsure what my tag should be?

If you do not know how you should be tagging yourself, please email CPA Bermuda at [email protected] or you can also look on your membership profile under My Profile and then look at your Designation Letters.

FAQs – Legacy Tagging

Can I still use my legacy designation?

Yes, you can still use your legacy designation if you choose. If you decide to continue to use your legacy designation, the CPA designation must be displayed first. For example:

  • Member Name, CPA, CMA
  • Member Name, FCPA, FCA

Will I ever be forced to drop your legacy designation?

No, you will never be forced to drop your legacy designation – you now have the choice whether you want to continue to tag your legacy designation or not.

Do I have to use the CPA Designation?

If you hold a legacy designation (CA, CGA, CMA, FCA, FCMA, FCGA) you must use the CPA or FCPA designation, you cannot use your legacy designation alone.